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We do everything to make you feel at home, but we demand your utmost respect for the equipment and cleanliness of the room! Thank you

All players are welcome! If you are a member and you are qualified to play from F.I.G you can access and train yourself in the Academy in complete autonomy. If you are a neophyte and want to try to play you necessarily have to book a lesson with the responsible pro for safety reasons. The minimum age for playing under the supervision of an adult is 6 years, the minimum age to be able to play autonomously is 14 years.

Suitability to sports:
In order to access to the Academy, the player must declare that he or she is in possession of physical fitness requirements for sport practice.

Players are liable for damages caused to themselves, to others or to the facility, because of improper or non-conforming use of the equipment.

In the facility the professional owner Matteo Collini has the exclusive right to practice golf lessons. For security reasons, no other person is allowed to have frontal lessons.

Management and booking policy:
Access to Campiglio Golf Academy is regulated according to the following parameters:

  1. First of all, respect:
    The structure has been carefully designed and is handled with the utmost care. Whoever damages it in any way will be required to pay the full amount of caused damages.

  2. Usage time
    The session starts at the booked time, not at the customer's arrival time. You are welcome to arrive earlier in our reception so you can get all the information you need and you have time to prepare for the game. Upon expiry of the booked time, the station has to be completely free and available for the next customer.

  3. Number of players
    The price and the time necessary to complete a round of 18 holes varies according to the number of the participating players. You can add one or more players to the booked session by paying the difference, and upon availability, you can also extend the reservation by paying immediately.

  4. Added services (equipment rental, bar service, gym, SPA & Wellness ...)
    It is possible to take advantage of the various services offered only upon advanced booking and subject to availability.

  5. Dolomeet Card: Card holders are entitled to a 15% discount (on the price list) only during the validity period and upon showing the card (online bookings are excluded from this initiative unless prior agreement is made)

For any need for integration, please contact the staff or the hotel reception desk.

Times of use:
A player takes only one hour to complete a 18-hole round!
The rental of the simulator and of the equipment is closely linked to the number of hours purchased during the booking process. Even if you miss one or more holes to complete the tour at the end of the booked time, you have to clear the location and allow the next user to start his/her session in perfect time. You will be able to extend your gaming session only upon availability and authorization of the staff, and by paying the difference in advance.

Inside the simulator, it is mandatory to use new balls, without coats of arms nor markers.
If you prefer, you can use your golf equipment as long as it is clean, otherwise you can rent a full set directly in the Academy.
In the Academy there is professional fitting equipment, the use of it is allowed only upon presence and/or approval by the responsible professional.

Any type of clothing is allowed, but it is mandatory to use clean shoes!

Video surveillance:
We are confident of the good conduct of every single player but, for reasons of security and supervision, with respect to privacy law 675/96, the Academy is camera-surveilled h24.

Challenge a friend or let you accompany:
Would you like to have fun while challenging a friend on one of the world's most beautiful routes?
Here it is possible! To complete 18 holes, just book an hour for each player (2 hours to make 18 holes in a 2-player flight).
Any spectator will be able to watch the game while sitting comfortably in the back living area, but for security reasons they will not be able to access the game rectangle.

Bar service:
In the Academy you can take advantage of the bar service; provided food and drinks can only be consumed in the upper living area. It is absolutely forbidden to introduce food inside the game rectangle! It is not allowed to consume food coming from outside the facility. Food and drinks purchased at the bar service must be payed at the time of purchase.

Next to the simulator you find male and female toilets.

No smoking:
In compliance with the law no. 3 - Art.51 and subsequent modifications and additions it is forbidden to smoke inside the room, equipped with a smoke detector. Offenders are subject to an administrative penalty of € 27,5 up to € 275.

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