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Technique is fundamental but is not all!

Without the right feeling with the clubs, not even the best player can express himself/herself at best. This is why club fitting sessions and golf laboratories are born. After setting the chatacteristics of the equipment according to the parameters of your swing, the calibration of every single detail makes the difference. 

In order to offer a complete service we created a specific laboratory for the control and the reparation of the equipment.

Thanks to the use of special machinery, we can measure and modify some characteristics of irons, woods and putters.

Static Loft of irons

Static Lie of irons

Swing weight of all clubs

Grip change of all clubs

Stretching and shortening of irons' and putters' shaft


Do not leave anything to chance, our sport is synonym of maximum precision, every detail can make the difference!

If you need to check your equipment, make changes or repairs, do not hesitate to contact us.


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