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Autonomous golf indoor

Autonomous golf indoor

Welcome to Campiglio Golf Academy, where the passion for golf meets technological innovation. We offer the opportunity to play indoor golf independently or with your friends, allowing you to improve your game and enjoy the best courses in the world without leaving our facility.


Play on the World's Best Courses

Do you have a golf handicap? Then you're ready to book your one or two-hour session and immerse yourself in an unparalleled virtual golf experience. With our state-of-the-art simulator, you can play on over 200 of the world's top golf courses. Challenge your friends, try new strategies, perfect your swing, and enjoy every shot as if you were really there.


Analyze Your Performance

In addition to playing on iconic courses, you can also challenge yourself with various tests that will allow you to analyze your performance in different aspects of the game. Our Trackman system provides detailed data on your swing, distance, speed, trajectories, and many other parameters, offering you a comprehensive analysis of your skills.


Easy and Fast Reservations

Booking your session is simple and quick. Just click here, choose your preferred time, and get ready to experience a unique and engaging golf session.



Why Choose Us?


- Cutting-Edge Technology: Our simulator and Trackman analysis system are the best available, ensuring a precise and realistic gaming experience.

- Total Autonomy: Play at your own pace, alone or with friends, choosing from a wide range of courses and tests.

- Exclusive Access: Play on the world's most prestigious courses without leaving our Academy.


Don't miss the chance to improve your game and have fun like never before. Book your autonomous indoor golf session at Campiglio Golf Academy now and discover a new way to experience golf. We look forward to offering you an unforgettable golf experience!


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