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Golf Gym

Golf Gym


Appropriate physical training based on functional movements allows you to achieve significant performance enhancements.

Gary Player, Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy have demonstrated that by joining the talent to outstanding physical capabilities, it is possible to achieve results beyond any limit. From the Tour Player to the newbie it has been scientifically proven that good physical fitness is essential to make the best of your potential. The functional gym is designed to help us develop the specific skills required in practicing any sport and prevent accidents resulting from overload related to incorrect movements' sequences. The teaching method of Campiglio Golf Academy is in line with these concepts, which make our lessons modern, personalized, dynamic and efficient.

For this purpose, there is a multifunctional gym in the Academy equipped with specific tools to better develop the main physical characteristics in golf such as elasticity, joint mobility, strength and endurance. Guided by our professional, you will be able to create a personalized training program that takes into consideration both the general and the specific physical aspects of the swing.

If you consider that a swing lasts about a second and in this time we have to coordinate hundreds of micro-motions with the ultimate goal of hitting the ball with power and precision, you realize that it is not possible to manage everything in a casual and repetitive manner without having the right motor patterns and coordination abilities . How many times did you recognize a mistake in your swing and you repeated it in the next launch?! You must know that the maximum performance of a sports gesture can only be obtained by controlling every single movement of the motor sequence through the central nervous system in a subcortical and completely automatic manner. Knowing these concepts, it is easy to understand that in order to have a solid and consistent swing, it is necessary to break down this sequence and repeat each gesture several times to perfect and automate it. For these reasons, we created a functional gym that gives you the opportunity to master every detail of the swing, settle in the right mechanisms and improve in a lasting and healthy way!

What are you waiting for? Come to the Campiglio Golf Academy, we will let you discover the weaknesses of your swing in an objective and scientific way, and together we will create a personalized program to help you improving your game and your body and lowering the risk of athletic injury. In addition, in our Wellness Center Dolomiti SPA you will find specialists in muscular treatments and in the care of sports issues. Golf, functional gym, wellness and relaxation .... We look forward to welcoming you!

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